Wealth Management & Advisory Services

Drexel Morgan Capital Advisers, founded originally as McCabe Capital Managers, serves distinguished families across multiple generations. We are trusted advisers to families, charitable foundations, endowments, and other institutions, providing asset allocation, manager selection and monitoring, and other investment services.

Noted for integrity, intelligence, and independence, we invest our clients’ money as we invest our own — prudently, and for the long-term. Expert in navigating the complexities of wealth, we offer custom investment strategies to suit each client’s particular goals.

Consistently following a value discipline and investing for the long term, our tested approach to managing assets centers on preserving capital and generating steady growth — for generations.

Our experienced investment team works directly with clients to complement their investment staff or serve as an outsourced chief investment officer. As a manager of managers, we craft diversified portfolios from an array of select managers across a range of strategies and investment vehicles.

We utilize informed asset allocation, innovative risk management, and disciplined manager selection to create portfolios that meet our clients’ unique risk and return requirements.